Everything you need to create and run your app
in one no-code platform
All features are available on our
free plan so you can be sure Appeggio is right for you
Here's a summary of what we provide
Radically simple layout
Drag and drop 'Smart Parts' for pixel perfection
All the apps
You get a Web, iPhone and Android apps from the one effort
Database or Spreadsheet
Your data in a spreadsheet or database
App to app integration
Connect over 400+ apps, and run business processes your way
Hosting and publishing
Publish, run and grow your app from here
Choose from our range of templates that are designed beautifully and come packed with features. Our templates are ready to do business. Simply choose one and customize it to your needs.

Alternatively, you can build your own using our starter template. The starter template is full of features that get you up and running. Included in all of our templates are:
Contact us, Help, Privacy, Cookies, Terms of use and more
Log in, Sign up, Password management and Email verification
Google analytics, Facebook pixel, Hubsport and SEO optimsations
Enterprise grade security, with everything encrypted at rest and in-flight
Whether you start from a template or create your own, we have 100+ 'Smart Parts' you can drag and drop.
We are adding to our parts library all the time!
Design helpers
Pre-designed helpers to give your app the wow factor. Add carousels, parallax effects, calls to action, videos and so much more.

Customizing your app is easy with Appeggio's dynamic parts and comprehensive layout of visual elements and layout helpers.

Our responsive editor means that your app look great across all devices.
The word 'list' doesn't really do this one justice! Create a simple list through to a list that can contain image grids, videos, calls to action and much more.

Use a pre-configured style of list or create your own.

Our impressive collections tool allows your list to be as simple or as comprehensive as you'd like.
Color Mixer and Palette Generator
Set the color palette to suit your style.

Need some inspiration? The palette generator can help with complementary colors.
Forms and inputs
Choose from different styles of forms.

Collect information from your customers through text fields, ratings, drop downs and more.
Appeggio has multiple integrations through our process marketplace, including payment gateways such as Stripe.

This functionality allows you to add a payment gateway directly to your app.
Charts and Tables
Create your own dynamic charts and tables using automatically updated customer data.
Images, Buttons, Icons and more
Appeggio has many parts for you to add to your app to make it your own.

We have avatars, alerts, banners, badges, icons, ratings and more.

And of course our text editor allows you to edit and format your text as well as other parts.

Appeggio offers complete flexibility!
We have multiple navigation parts including top navigations, bottom navigation, and side navigation drawers.

These are customizable to suit your needs and make it easy for your customers to get around.

Connect your screens together or link to external items.
Database Collections
Export and import data via our collections tool, or create a new collection with our easy to use spreadsheet like tool.

You can even use a spreadsheet directly if you want
Manage Accounts
Set up secure customer accounts and enable logins with passwords or logins via OAuth 2.0 compatible providers such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google.
Connect your app to any API with Appeggio's no code API connector.

Within Appeggio you'll find a solution for your business needs within our process marketplace, or create your own process.

This is one of our many differentiators - you don't need to pay a third party when you use a process within our marketplace.
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