Appeggio is a unique enabling technology that gives people with no technical training the power to build and release high quality, secure iPhone Apps, Android Apps and websites to a global audience in just days.
Appeggio doesn't just automatically generate code, it seamlessly deploys it, integrates it, manages it, scales it, secures it, and then optimises it using machine learning, on the web or as native mobile apps.
Appeggio brings to the fingertips of non-technical users, the ability to configure and deploy everything in one place with:
The future of building apps
Appeggio empowers anyone to create and launch an app that works as a website and as a native app for iPhone and Android, without writing a single line of code. We include everything you need to host, manage and release your app, like a boss.
Appeggio is for everyone
Our passion is innovation and we want to democratise the power of digital transformation, by making everyone capable of delivering beautiful digital experiences. So, Appeggio has been built for everyone.
100s of pre-made screens
Choose from our growing range of page sections, full pages, templates and parts. Whether it's a landing page, a call to action, sign ups, FAQs, forms, blogs, meet the team sections or more, we're sure to have you covered.
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If you need a little help, we've got you covered.
YouTube channel
See our 'how to' videos and guides to answer your questions and give you inspiration.
Learning center
Full of instructions and learning resources so you can have your app up and running, fast.
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